Self-Defense Instruction For Women


“Think of everyday life as karate training.” ~ Gichin Funakoshi

New Year’s Eve Hike.  Sense training:  Listening.  What I heard along the trail:

Woman to her companion: “… in what the outcome is in terms of…

Heavy footsteps and a panting dog.

Couples speaking in foreign languages:  Spanish, Cantonese, French?

Woman: “Yeah, I feel it.”  Man: “You feel it, like in your knee?”  Woman:  “Yeah, in my right one.”

Woman to her companion:  “… killed by hot lava…”

Dog barking.  Distant freeway traffic.  A single bird chirping, then a second one joining in.  Waterfall.

Man to his friend:  “… we put up signs and looked for her, but then there was a thunderstorm.  We were worried because, you know, there’s coyotes and everything.  The park ranger said he’d keep an eye out for her.  Luckily we found her the next morning…”

Woman to her male friend:  “… the images that come from the, uh, satellites…”

Young girl:  “Daddy.”  Man:  “Huh?”

New Year’s Eve Hike.  Sense training:  Seeing.  What I Saw Along the Trail:

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— Patty.


My martial arts dojo defines “sensei” as “one who has gone before.”

I met a new sensei today while I was out on a walk.  He was standing on the sidewalk, resting under a tree, a loaded grocery bag on the ground nearby.  He told me how he’d lost 60 pounds just by walking up our hill every day.

I’m going to make more time for walking. — Patty.